Are you Tired of Forgetting your REGO?


Are you Tired of Forgetting your REGO?

Have you ever forgotten to renew your car registration?

Do you have a method to help you remember when the time has arrived to renew your REGO?

In Australia, people get fined every day because they have been caught driving without a car registration. We all know that in today’s day and age, time goes by very fast. We currently live in a fast passed environment. We are all so busy with work, daily tasks and driving the children to soccer practice that it’s easy for us to forget something that may seem so simple to remember. We are solicited and pressured all of the time to perform and to get things done that unfortunately, there are some tasks that become less important to us. Remembering to register our car shouldn’t be something stressful nor should it be less important for us. Actually, it should be an easy task to remember.

Fines and Sanctions and Repercussions

Do you have any idea what the fines and the sanctions are when we get caught driving our vehicle without a registration? It can get very costly when we really stop to think about it. It could also cause us more stress and put us in very unpleasant situations. At the least, we will get a fine. Depending on the officer that stops us, we can even get our license plates removed and/or, worst case scenario, get our vehicle seized for a certain amount of time. We all know that TIME IS MONEY don’t we?

There are two ways that we can get caught actually. The first is by traffic cameras and the second is by getting stopped and verified by the police.

The good thing about getting caught by a traffic camera ( which are installed on all roads by the way) is that they give us an allowance of 7 days to get our car registered before fining us again if we get caught a second time within 7 days of our first offence.

If we get caught by the police, we get fined on all detections. They don’t give us any chances. They will fine us and we must immediately pay this fine for more reasons than one. The amount of this fine can be anywhere between $1200 and $5500 if it goes to court. The reason it’s so expensive is because we get double the sanction: one for driving without a registration and another for driving without an insurance.

What we Should Know

In most cases, if our car isn’t registered, our third party insurance, or any other car insurance, isn’t valid. This means that if we get into an accident and our car isn’t registered, we are not covered. Our insurance will not pay for any damages done to  our  vehicle but most importantly, won’t pay for any bodily damages done to us nor to someone else that could have been hurt in that accident. This could have a catastrophic impact on our lives and our financial situation.

The fact of the matter is, there shouldn’t be any excuses for not renewing our rego. Think about all time and money that we could save if we all simply renewed it on time.

This is why Regomate is the solution for never forgetting! It will remind Australians exactly when to renew their Rego.

It is very simple to use. There are 3 easy steps.

1-Register for FREE and enter your vehicle details

2-The application will then remind you of when your REGO is coming up

3-Then, it will provide you a rego reminder and the renewal link.

It’s that simple. Download the Regomate App today!

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