3 Reasons Aussies Forget To Renew Their Rego (Part 2)


3 Reasons Aussies Forget To Renew Their Rego (Part 2)

Did you miss part 1 of this blog?


2. Having the sticker on the car passively reminded you of your impending rego.

Subliminal messages are not just those things you hear when you play a record backwards.

Passive reminders in our everyday life influence our subconscious constantly, without our notice. Most mass-marketing works on this principal.

In Australia, we are bombarded with ads… which we mostly ignore. I have never clicked any of the ads I have seen on Facebook. Nor have a rushed off to buy a particular brand of washing powder after seeing it’s amazing whitening power on TV.

However, when i’m doing the weekly shopping and it’s time to buy the washing detergent… I might find myself reaching for the same brand I ignored on the TV. It’s probably not a new product, it’s probably been available for years, so why does it stand out to me now?

This is an example of a subliminal message and how it works. Obviously the more times I am exposed to an ad, even if I ignore it, the stronger it’s power grows.

Back when we had registration stickers, there was a constant, passive reminder that we had to register our cars. Even though we almost never noticed the gaudy coloured buggers, they were a strong subliminal message; Rego is coming.

3. Australia’s attention span is getting shorter.

According to Forbes, Aussie’s now have such a short attention span that 50% of us need to play with our phones or tablets whilst watching TV.

In the U.S. 11% of children are now being diagnosed with ADHD, which is an 16% increase since 2007.

Furthermore, according to Microsoft, the attention span of the western world has shortened to 8 seconds, meaning that the common goldfish can pay attention for longer than we can!

With this is mind, a single rego renewal letter, that arrives via Australia Post with all of our other bills and a hoard of junk-mail, just doesn’t cut it.

What is the solution?

Should we bring back the stickers? I’d say no.

To send out stickers cost the NSW government over half a million dollars, and roughly two million dollars in SA. Bundle that with the cost of introducing the new system, and you can see why bringing back the stickers would be a very costly exercise for the tax payer.

That’s why we created Regomate. Regomate is a free app that will send you multiple reminders of when your rego is due. It’s not just limited to one vehicle either, you can register as many cars, motorcycles, trailers, boats, etc. as you require.

Regomate also provides you with a link so you may renew your rego with your state authority.

We figured, if 50% of you are going to be playing with your phone while you watch TV, you might as well spend that time doing your rego!

To download Regomate visit getregomate.com

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